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  Tilemap tutorial (part 5)
Sun 9th December 2012   
Welcome to the fifth and final part of the Tilemap tutorial.

As promised in the previous article I will finally explain how to render the tilemap using a special shader that allows you to draw the whole tilemap with only two triangles.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 4)
Sun 2nd December 2012   
Welcome to the fourth part of the Tilemap tutorial.

The previous article explained the concept of batching and using texture atlases to draw a tilemap more efficiently.

This new article will finally attack the final topic: How to write a Tilemap optimized shader.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 3)
Thu 22nd November 2012   
Welcome to the third part of the Tilemap tutorial.

The previous article left us at the point where we could display tiles without wasting time drawing any of these out of the screen.

I will now explain the next step, which is to be more efficient at drawing the tiles.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 2)
Mon 19th November 2012   
Welcome to the second part of the Tilemap tutorial.

Hopefully at this point you should have a reasonably clear idea of what tiles and tilemaps are. Now is the time to see how this all translates in programming terms.

  Tilemap tutorial (part 1)
Sat 17th November 2012   
This is the first real article with technical content.

The reason I am writing it, is that apparently there are many people out there who are writing games using 2D tilemaps for the background, but unfortunately are using totally inefficient methods.

When I explained what I did on the #sfml support channel there was apparently a number of light bulbs appearing over people's head. So I thought it would be worth sharing what I did.

  Art Style
Mon 5th November 2012 at 23:14   
Let's spend a bit of time on explaining what the art style of The 2d Game will be.

2D vs 3D

One of the big challenges faced by game developers is the time required to create assets.

  Technical choices
Fri 12th October 2012 at 18:15   
In this article I will explain some basic technological choice I made for The 2d Game.

Did you say "direct media"?

SDL is the reference library for anyone starting a portable multimedia project.

It provides numerous data types and basic functions (timers, audio, graphics) that are guaranteed to work the same on about any SDL supported platform.

  The Website
Wed 10th October 2012   
Some background information about this website.

Jack of all trades?

If I was totally optimal in my approach when it's about making The 2D Game, I should definitely do the opposite of what I'm currently doing, which is hand editing a website.

The sad reality is that I kind of enjoy doing a bit of everything, and in my normal work day I don't have much time left to enjoy working on all these things that gravitate around the actual game development part of the job.

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